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How to Save on FRC During an Industry Downturn – and Beyond!

This is the first in a five-part series exploring common examples of ineffective FRC practices that have real costs—and practical solutions. In this post we review common scenarios that pose opportunities for savings, followed by four posts exploring key cost saving strategies – transitioning out of rental or lease, eliminating retail spend, streamlining procurement procedures, and spend avoidance.

It’s no secret that falling oil prices have challenged the industry over the past year. As many organizations look to streamline procurement – either as part of the industry downturn, or simply to minimize costs and maximize worker safety compliance – flame resistant clothing (FRC) can be particularly challenging.

  • FRC requires a large number of SKUs for styles, sizes, colors, etc.
  • There are typically a high number of transactions and a low value per transaction
  • Clothing is personal in nature, so there are a disproportionate number of issues as compared to PPE safety supply items or other organizational purchases

However, FRC is also an area of significant opportunity for companies to stretch budget dollars and unlock savings–while improving service, selection and worker protection.

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