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How to Save on FRC by Transitioning Away From Rental

This is the second in a five-part series exploring common examples of ineffective FRC practices that have real costs—and practical solutions. In our first post we reviewed common scenarios that signify opportunity for savings. In this post, we explore how to realize savings by transitioning out of rental or lease, and in our next posts we will examine three additional cost saving strategies: eliminating retail spend, streamlining procurement procedures, and spend avoidance.

As organizations look to reduce costs – either as part of an industry downturn, or simply to streamline procurement – transitioning out of rental/lease for flame resistant clothing (FRC) can help companies realize as much as 30-50% or more in direct cost savings! In fact, by transitioning from a rental program to a Tyndale managed direct purchase program, Stallion Oilfield Services cut spending by more than 50%!

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Frustrated with FRC Rental? Hybrid to the Rescue!

The problem:

Workers frustrated with industrial laundry no longer turn-in their garments each week — but you’re still paying the same weekly price for the service.  You still need industrial laundry because some workgroups are exposed to heavy soils or flammable contaminants that are difficult to remove in home laundry.

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Who is Responsible for FRC Use, Care, and Maintenance?

What do industry standards say about flame resistant clothing (FRC) use, care, and maintenance in oil and gas applications? And who is responsible for making sure garments meet those expectations? What tools are available to employers to support compliance with the requirements?  In this blog post, we explore and compare and contrast applicable industry standards governing the use and care of FRC.

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Tyndale’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015


We hope your new year is off to a great start! Updates to OSHA 1910.269 were among the most popular posts – including our four-part series which is fully represented within the top 10 posts of 2015!  Here’s a look back at our top 10 most-viewed posts in 2015: Read more

Kickoff the Season with FR Outerwear



It’s that time of year already – temperatures are cooling down, school has started, leaves are beginning to change, and football is back. Cold weather will be here before you know it! Kickoff the season with these important arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC) tips:


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Is Your FR Clothing as Ready for Spring as You Are?

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean, organize, and refresh as the days get longer and the world starts to come back to life from the cold, dark Winter.

Be sure to incorporate your arc/flame-resistant (FR) clothing into your spring refresh, retiring worn out garments, making sure your have the FR you need, and checking that your FR is clean and in good shape.

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FR Clothing Care & Maintenance: 3 Things to Know

Flame resistant (FR) clothing is considered “the last line of defense” in the event of an arc flash or flash fire, meaning FR clothing is there to protect you from injury when all other safety measures and precautions have been unsuccessful in preventing an incident.

If you or your employees are impacted by arc flash or flash fire hazards and wear FR clothing as protection, make sure your FR performs and protects as expected in the event of an arc flash or flash fire by following these simple steps:

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