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Top Cost-effective, Tried & True FR Rainwear Solutions

This is the third post in our three-part series reviewing the 2015-16 El Niño outlook and arc-rated flame resistant rainwear options available to outdoor workers facing arc flash or flash fire hazards. In our second post we explored advanced rainwear options, while in this final post we feature some cost-effective rainwear staples that are tried and true.

Rainwear is critical to maintaining comfort and healthy body temperature in wet conditions. Otherwise, your clothing will absorb both precipitation and your body’s perspiration as you work. Wet clothing, in turn, has a negative effect on comfort—reducing energy efficiency and productivity. To make matters worse, wet clothing facilitates the escape of body heat—leaving you open to cold stress.

With cold weather coming quickly and the influence of a strong El Niño in the forecast, make sure you are prepared with the right waterproof outerwear. If advanced rainwear options are not practical in your budget, leverage the important benefits of the waterproof layer to stay safe and dry with these proven, cost-effective solutions:

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Kickoff the Season with FR Outerwear



It’s that time of year already – temperatures are cooling down, school has started, leaves are beginning to change, and football is back. Cold weather will be here before you know it! Kickoff the season with these important arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC) tips:


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Tyndale Introduces Revolutionary HRC 4 Arc Suit

Tired of hot, bulky arc suits that slow you down? Want something that’s lightweight and comfortable with the same protective qualities? Tyndale has you covered! Our innovative, new Lightweight 40 Cal Arc Suit (M830Y & M820Y) is easy to slip on and off over your daily wear and offers a much more comfortable experience for the wearer:
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