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Layer for Spring With Tyndale’s FR Microfleece Vest!

Tyndale's FRMC Micro-Fleece Vest (M695T)

Looking for a versatile item to add to your flame resistant clothing (FRC) selection this year? Choose Tyndale’s new Premium Microfleece Vest (M695T) this Spring and use it all year long!

This comfortable, multi-season item is a versatile layering piece to use throughout the year. It works well as an outerlayer to take the edge off of chilly early Spring temperatures, and can easily be removed if you get warm while working (always consult your company’s safety policy and hazard assessment before removing a protective layer!).

It’s also perfect for in-between Fall temperatures and makes a great middle layer between your FR shirt and FR outerwear to add warmth in the cold of Winter.

Learn more about this Made in USA item, which is made with soft 14oz FRMC® microfleece and provides HRC 2 arc flash protection:

Ready to Order? The exciting new Premium Microfleece Vest (M695T) is in stock and available today! Contact Tyndale at 800-356-3433 or shop online at

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