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Layer for Spring With Tyndale’s FR Microfleece Vest!

Looking for a versatile item to add to your flame resistant clothing (FRC) selection this year? Choose Tyndale’s new Premium Microfleece Vest (M695T) this Spring and use it all year long!

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Why Leasing FR Clothing is Not as Simple as Leasing a Car

If you’ve been tasked with researching FR clothing solutions for your company, you have likely run across industrial laundry programs in your research. Maybe you’ve even received direction from above to pursue an industrial laundry program.

What many people don’t realize is that most industrial laundry programs utilize an unusual ownership arrangement.  Laundry programs – often called “rental” or “lease and laundry” programs – utilize an ownership arrangement similar to an auto lease.  In both arrangements,

  • The vendor owns the uniforms or auto, and the buyer enjoys the benefits of their use.
  • At the end of the lease, the uniforms or auto must be returned to the vendor in good condition.

It sounds simple on the surface, but in reality leasing clothing is anything but simple.

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Is Your FR Clothing as Ready for Spring as You Are?

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean, organize, and refresh as the days get longer and the world starts to come back to life from the cold, dark Winter.

Be sure to incorporate your arc/flame-resistant (FR) clothing into your spring refresh, retiring worn out garments, making sure your have the FR you need, and checking that your FR is clean and in good shape.

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