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How an FRC Supplier Manages Your Clothing Program Can Impact its Success

Tyndale Suggestions for FRC Supplier Program Management

This post discusses the last critical step in selecting an FRC supplier – how the supplier administers and ultimately manages your program. Choosing a service-oriented FRC supplier can be a worthwhile investment that will help protect your employees against the hazards they face, reduce program dissatisfaction and eliminate additional, unexpected costs. The way your clothing program is managed can directly impact its success!

Below are examples of how a quality FRC supplier can ensure your clothing program is successful:

Program Efficiency: A well-managed clothing program will save your workers time! The supplier you choose should be providing support that allows you to concentrate on larger issues and your own professional priorities. To be effective, a protective clothing program must not only ensure proper selection based on the hazard, but also address cost and care of the garment as well as employee comfort.

Account Management: Know where the supplier’s team is located, including their customer service and account management teams. Do they have several layers of account management and customer support? When you have a question or issue, will you deal with an employee you recognize, who is familiar with the details of your program? Choose a company that has U.S.-based support available and will give you the individualized attention needed to ensure your program runs smoothly.

A quality FRC supplier can also ensure a smooth-running program by offering the following:

  • Custom reporting capabilities designed for maximum simplicity with clear, concise invoices to ensure you are being billed correctly. Hassle-free returns and exchanges; no wasted money so that you can retain control of spending.
  • The ability to cancel the contract at any time for non-performance without incurring contract buyout costs or additional unnecessary fees.
  • New products that can be added to programs at any time, allowing you and your employees to take full advantage of fabric innovations and new product design.

Program Implementation: Experienced FRC suppliers can outline exactly what is needed from you before your clothing program kicks-off. Pros and cons of each implementation decision should be explained to you to ensure that program goals are met. Your management team’s involvement in hand-selecting items for the clothing program will ensure that products chosen best suit the needs of your employees.

Employee Education: This final step is often overlooked, but is one of the most critical pieces to a successful FR clothing program. An experienced supplier can provide training tools explaining the importance of wearing protective clothing so that your workers understand:

To be effective, a protective clothing program must not only ensure proper selection based on the hazard, but also address cost and care of the garment as well as employee comfort. A quality FRC supplier that is focused on service can partner with your company to understand ever-changing industry regulations and how you can properly protect your employees.

Protection afforded by FRC is too great to manage without a good understanding of all of the factors we have outlined. Below are the links to our other posts in this series:

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  1. Bmac #

    Don’t use riverside terrible clothing and ordered. June 4 tj still nothing 4 fr shirts and jeans

    August 8, 2014

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