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How to Evaluate the Experience and Expertise of an FRC Clothing Supplier

This is the first post in a series looking at Keys to Selecting an FRC Clothing Supplier. Click here to read the series introduction.

The flame resistant clothing industry has experienced rapid growth and increased demand over the past decade. Along with an expanding marketplace come new entrants selling the clothing you will invest in to protect your workers. But how do you know who to trust? You understand that flame resistant clothing equals safety for your workforce. What you may not know is that the knowledge and experience of your FRC clothing supplier can also affect the effectiveness of your clothing program. The majority of knowledge and expertise a supplier has is quite simply gained just from their experience in the flame resistant clothing industry.

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Arc Ratings for FR Clothing: What Is the Difference Between ATPV and Ebt?

A common question in arc flash clothing protection is whether an ATPV value or an Ebt value is better protection for FRC. Let’s start by defining these two values and seeing what each actually means. First, it’s important to understand that the arc rating of a fabric is either an ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) or an Ebt (Energy breakopen threshold).

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5 Keys to Selecting an FRC Clothing Supplier

Proper protection starts with a flame resistant clothing supplier that has the industry knowledge and experience to provide you the correct quality products. However, what to look for in a FR clothing supplier is based on a number of additional factors, including: price, quality, performance and overall value.

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Tyndale Celebrates Women’s History Month

Women have made strides in the working world over the past several decades and the energy industry, and those servicing this sector, is no different. In an industry where men dominate the workforce, the role of women in today’s industrial sector proves that skills and talent are slowly trumping gender. Women’s History Month represents an opportunity to reflect on the progress that women have made.

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