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Tyndale’s Flame Resistant Hooded Windbreaker (K660T)

Prepare yourself for spring with Tyndale’s FR Hooded Windbreaker (K660T). Inspired by a popular LL Bean jacket, the Hooded Windbreaker was recently redesigned; it now features a new, athletic fit, and a contemporary, stylish design.

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Work Safely with Tyndale’s Boot Program for Foot Protection

Tyndale can develop a boot program to meet the needs of any organization requiring foot protection for their employees. The goal of our program is to deliver flexibility, choice and convenience to your company’s employees. Tyndale’s standard boot program offers two options for workers to purchase boots: direct from Tyndale at prices approximately 20% below retail, or from their favorite store for reimbursement from their program allowance.

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Understanding Protection Against Combustible Dust Hazards

Defining the Hazard

According to OSHA, any combustible material can burn rapidly when in a finely divided form. If such dust is suspended in the air in the right concentration, under certain conditions, it can explode. The elements needed for a dust-related explosion include:

1. Fuel (combustible dust)
2. Heat (ignition source)
3. Oxidizer (oxygen in air)
(these three elements are commonly referred to as the “fire triangle”)


4. Dispersion of dust particles in sufficient quantity and concentration
5. Confinement of the dust cloud
(these two elements combined with the first three create an “explosion pentagon” (1))

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Tyndale’s Limited Edition FR Long Sleeve Longhorn Shirt (M140T)

Tyndale is leading the way in FR clothing by introducing mainstream styles to the flame resistant clothing market. New to FRC, and available in limited quantities, is our long sleeve Longhorn shirt (M140T). Inspired by the oil and gas activity in southwest, this shirt is a special edition and won’t be available for long.

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Download Tyndale’s Sample FRC Clothing Retirement Policy

We often get questions on best practices regarding useful wear life of FR clothing and when to retire used or older garments. To ensure that flame resistant clothing maintains protective properties, workers should retire their flame resistant clothing if one or more of the following wear indicators appear on a garment:

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Important Information Regarding Bleach and FR Clothing

The following is Q&A to help FRC wearers understand flame resistant garments and its use around bleach or other hazardous chemicals. In general, the use of bleach is not recommended for any flame resistant garments as over-use can degrade fabric and negatively impact performance characteristics of FR clothing. Although chlorine bleach will not affect inherent flame resistance properties, such as products made with FRMC® fabric, chemically-treated flame resistant garment performance can be affected. (1)

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Tyndale’s FR Clothing Options for Women

When women feel good about their appearance, their performance in the workplace reflects this confidence. Tyndale’s women’s line of FRC gives ladies stylish options with a comfortable fit, helping women look and feel good and ultimately improving overall job satisfaction.

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