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Pride in Tyndale Clothing: Proud to Protect YOU

Tyndale FRC

At Tyndale, we are proud of our flame resistant clothing and how it protects employees in a variety of industries. No matter what industry you work in, from electric utilities to manufacturing to oil and gas, Tyndale can help create a unique clothing program that fits you and your employees’ needs.

In staying true to our mission, we offer the best products and services as part of our deep commitment to worker safety. Our real passion is people, and to Tyndale, you’re not just another number.

In this new video you’ll see two messages that carry throughout: collaboration and family. We are a family company and employees are treated as such. People here work hard, work together and are the key to our success! We have pride in making a difference to our customers through our flame resistant Tyndale clothing and superior customer service.

Check out our video to see the faces behind the Tyndale clothing brand. We are Proud to Protect the workers powering America with products made in America!

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  1. Jessica #

    Great video…well done!

    July 23, 2013

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