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How an FRC Supplier Manages Your Clothing Program Can Impact its Success

This post discusses the last critical step in selecting an FRC supplier – how the supplier administers and ultimately manages your program. Choosing a service-oriented FRC supplier can be a worthwhile investment that will help protect your employees against the hazards they face, reduce program dissatisfaction and eliminate additional, unexpected costs. The way your clothing program is managed can directly impact its success!

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1910.269 TRAINING VIDEO: FR Clothing Maintenance and Inspection

OSHA has published the final rule revising 29 CFR 1910.269 and 1926 Subpart V. This update is expected to save more than 20 lives and prevent 118 serious injuries each year by clarifying and expanding the employer’s responsibility to provide and maintain appropriate arc rated clothing for employees based on reliable estimates of workplace hazards.

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3 Things to Look for When Signing a Contract with an FRC Supplier

Now that you’re on your way to selecting an FRC supplier for your company’s FR clothing program, what should you know before signing the contract? This post outlines important aspects of the clothing purchasing process with regards to the terms and conditions you’re agreeing to, as well as the length and exclusivity of the contract you are signing. Another very important, but potentially overlooked, consideration is how often your company – and employees – could experience price increases on your FR clothing. Read more

Tyndale Introduces Our New Layer 1 Performance T-Shirt (M010T)

Tyndale is pleased to add NFPA 2112-certified garments to our complete catalog of clothing offering flash fire protection. For companies facing flash fire hazards in their workplaces, Tyndale offers a dynamic mix of products that meet manufacturing and testing criteria for flash fire protection.

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Meet with Tyndale at NJATC/NTI Trade Show – July 26 & July 27

What: NJATC/National Training Institute Trade Show

When: July 26 & 27

Where: University of Michigan – Track & Field Building, Ann Arbor, MI

Booth: 710

At the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee’s annual trade show, Tyndale will provide a firsthand look at new and upcoming Tyndale products, as well as the opportunity to meet up with one of Tyndale’s National Account Managers, Clyde Wolfe.

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What Is the Difference Between Arc-Rated Clothing and FR Clothing?

Understanding all of the acronyms for clothing and standards in the electric industry can make your head spin. One common question we get is: what is the difference between arc-rated and flame resistant clothing – if there is any difference at all?

FR stands for “flame resistant clothing,” specifically. An easy way to think about the difference between arc-rated clothing and FR clothing is that all arc-rated clothing is FR but not all FR has an arc rating. Confusing, we know. Let’s look at the two in more detail below. Read more

OSHA 1910.269 FR Clothing Update: 3 Reasons to Act Now

In April 2014, OSHA issued a ruling revising 29 CFR 1910.269 and 1926 subpart V, standards governing workplace safety in electric power generation, transmission and distribution work, that clarified and expanded employers’ responsibility to protect employees from arc flash hazards.

In fact, electric utilities large and small—including municipalities and cooperatives—will now be legally-required to supply employees with appropriate FR clothing.

Although the ruling will not be enforced by OSHA until October 31, 2014, employers should act now. Here’s why:

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